Blogging, Writing Poetry, Journaling – Different stories, Same Author

Photo Credit: Princeton Writing Program

Sometimes in my mind, I ask myself why do I like writing? I never give myself the right answer. Sometimes I convince myself that I am an interesting person with interesting things to talk about. Sometimes I convince myself and try to convince others that I have a story to tell. All the time, I convince myself that I’m not always a verbal person and none of thoughts sound more organic or make more sense until I can see them in front of me.

I think about a lot and I hate it because when I’m in deep thought, I never have a pen and paper or a writing tool near me. I also have a questionable memory in that I could remember something happening but not remember how it made me feel or if the impact of what happened was something worth the energy to try and remember.

So I write to keep up with myself, my ever changing mind, and an ever changing world. By the end of last year, I wanted to begin writing more in different forms and on different platforms.

So first, I came back to my blog. It was important for me to take greater ownership of a space that I created for myself and I cannot do that effectively if I am not seeking to define what my blog is supposed to do and what it is supposed to feature. Initially, I was going with the idea that all of my posts were going to be related to higher education/student affairs and responding societal flaws. However, I realized that although I like to write about those topics, those aren’t always going to be the topics that make me want to write and share my thoughts. So in developing my blog more, I started to visit other blogs that I follow to understand how they design and format their blogs to make their content fit. I came back to my site and made a lot of changes to the theme, to my about page, to my menus. I still feel like I need more pictures on my site but that would have to wait until I finally decide to take pictures.

I still continue to write poetry time to time because eventually I would like to publish a chapbook of some sorts. I’m not writing as much poetry as I would like to, but at the same time, I am not really the type of poet who can write anything at any time. I need personal inspiration, most of my poems are ignited by some energy I receive based off of my feelings. During my previous semester in grad school, I found time to attend writers’ workshops for a poetry program on campus called Verbal Blend. It was an amazing experience. The workshops challenged me to write about things that I seldom think about and also things that I think a lot about but reluctant to dedicate a piece to it. Participating in the writers’ workshops made me a better poet and encouraged me to be more honest in my creative writing because I always try to find ways to not say what I’m trying to say. Writing poetry also helps me consider public speaking more. Out of all the forms of writing I do, it’s poetry that makes me want to be more vocal with my words. Sometimes I wish that I was good at memorizing my pieces like all the poets I watch on YouTube, but to me it’s more about the words than the delivery.

For Christmas 2015, I bought myself the ultimate journal package, which to me is:

  • A journal, with a bookmark ribbon. I’m not too concerned about how it looks but it needs to have a bookmark ribbon.
  • The book 365 Journal Writing Ideas (the real MVP)
  • A pack of Black Papermate Flair Pens. If I needed to write everything by hand for the rest of my life, my only request is that I get to do it in these pens, they are my absolute favorite.

Like many inconsistent writers who still write, I have at least three journals that have words in it with the days of the week from the past, but they are not complete. I would love to complete a journal for once. Not only would I like to complete a journal, I would love to complete a journal that I could come back to and find somethings that are meaningful to remember about myself and improve or maintain (I’m all about personal development, if you didn’t know). That reason alone is why I decided to buy 365 Journal Writing Ideas; I wanted to journal more with a purpose. The prompts in the book are amazing so far, I really feel like I have done more purposeful writing. I’m still working on remembering that the journal is supposed to be a personal and private space and I do not think that I have broken it in just yet, but it’s only been a few weeks, so I’ll get there.

In blogging, poetry writing, and journaling, I am the same person but my approaches on each are very different. My mindset is different in each. In blogging, I use more of my mind. In poetry, I use more of my soul. And in journaling, I think that I use a mix of both. I don’t think that makes any of the stories that I share outweigh each other. But I like that I could be versatile in how I write and how my words come off to others.

For those who like to write, keep writing. Whether you are blogging, writing a short story or a poem, or writing in a journal, your words are important. Your words help you learn who you are, what you believe in, and what makes you feel good about you.